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Instances When Eyelid Surgery Can Be Covered by Insurance

Did you know that your eyelid surgery could be covered by your health insurance? Really, it all depends on why you are having the eyelid surgery and what type of surgical procedure is being done. Even if you will benefit cosmetically from your surgery, there are instances in which it could still be covered by health insurance. 

Ectropion and Entropion

These are two similar but opposite eyelid conditions. Ectropion is when the eyelid turns out, while entropion is when the eyelid turns inward. In either case, the condition can prevent the eyelid from closing properly, which can lead to extreme eye dryness and vision complications, as well as making it easier for foreign matter to enter your eye. Because of the risk to your vision, this surgery is usually covered by health insurance. Continue Reading

The Difference Between Ectropion and Entropion

There are many different types of eyelid conditions that may require surgery. Two of these are ectropion and entropion. Because these sound similar and because they are opposites of one another, it is important to understand the difference between these two conditions. What Is Ectropion? Ectropion is an eyelid condition in which the lower eyelid… Continue Reading

What Is Blepharospasm, and How Is It Treated?

Blepharospasm is a very debilitating condition that affects many people every year. Most often women aged 50 to 60 are victims of the disease. If you have been having uncontrolled twitching or spasming of the eyelid muscles, you should read on to learn about blepharospasm and how it is treated. What Is Blepharospasm? There is… Continue Reading

The Effects of Aging on Your Eyelids

Aging can affect your appearance in a number of ways, but one of the most obvious is the eyelids. When your eyes appear tired due to sagging or wrinkles, it can add years to your appearance. Correcting these problems is a fairly simple procedure with little downtime that can greatly improve your overall appearance. Here… Continue Reading

The Truth About Eyelid Tumors

When a bump or nodule appears on your eyelid, you may think at first that it is a stye or some type of eye infection. When you hear the word tumor, it often brings up fears of cancer and all that goes with it. However, eyelid tumors are often very easily treated and may not… Continue Reading

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