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Three Uses of Botox for the Eyes

botox-eyesThere are certain items that seem to work for everything, like duct tape: you can use duct tape to make a wallet, fix your shoe, patch a broken window, and so much more. What duct tape is for problem solving, Botox is for the body. Doctors have uncovered uses for Botox that range from alleviating Overactive Bladder Syndrome to minimizing migraine headaches. Botox is especially useful for the eyes, where it can used in a number of ways to solve prevalent and bothersome conditions.

As a quick reminder, Botox is a form of botulinum toxin that is injected into the body to relax certain muscles that are causing trouble. It begins to work over the span of a week and lasts about three or four months before another treatment is needed. Since each eye consists of six muscles, and two of the muscles move the eye from side to side, Botox has the potential to be a powerful solution to any muscle-related eye problems.  

Reduce Eyelid Spasms

Eyelid spasms cause uncontrollable narrowing or closing of the eye, an issue that can severely impact your quality of life. This issue is called Blepharospasm, and Botox can fix it. In fact, Botox has been used to treat eyelid spasms since its FDA approval in 1989, and studies have shown 90 percent of patients experiencing relief within two days of Botox treatment!

Relieve Crossed Eyes

The muscles in the eye keep your gaze straight by working against each other, basically pulling at each other with equal strength to keep the eyes looking in the opposite directions. However, some people suffer weakness in one muscle that allows the stronger muscle to pull the eye in the opposite direction. This results in crossed eyes, called strabismus. Botox resolves crossed eyes by relaxing the stronger eye muscle and giving the weaker one a chance to recover its power.

Banish Wrinkles

Of course, Botox can also be injected into the muscles around the eyes that have contracted so much over the years to create crows feet, brow wrinkles, and other lines on the face. The muscles gradually relax and allow the wrinkles to smooth away, but you will still retain your ability to smile and express your emotions.

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