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Botox Can Do More than Wipe Away Wrinkles

botox3Botox has become extremely popular around the country for its ability to relax the muscles that cause unwanted wrinkles on the face. While this is definitely an exciting benefit, Botox also offers relief for major eye and vision conditions like blepharospasm, crossed eyes, and blurred vision. If one of these eye problems has been plaguing you, Botox could offer the perfect solution.


As the name suggests, blepharospasm is an eye condition that causes the muscles around the eye to involuntarily spasm. This type of uncontrolled movement causes frequent blinking and may lead the eyelid to narrow or even close over time. Though not as blatantly painful or dangerous as other conditions, blepharospasm is nevertheless a frustrating condition that is very difficult to live with. Fortunately, a simple injection of Botox can treat blepharospasm by blocking signals from the nerves that would normally tell those muscles to contract. With less muscle contractions come less eye spasms! Most patients experience results within three days that last at least three months. Continue Reading

Three Uses of Botox for the Eyes

There are certain items that seem to work for everything, like duct tape: you can use duct tape to make a wallet, fix your shoe, patch a broken window, and so much more. What duct tape is for problem solving, Botox is for the body. Doctors have uncovered uses for Botox that range from alleviating… Continue Reading

Three Valuable Ways to Use Botox

Botox has become one of the most widely known facial injections available for cosmetic use, and for good reason! The neurotoxin has been proven time and time again to minimize and eliminate unwanted signs of aging caused by the contraction and movement of different muscles over many years. If you’re curious about Botox but unsure… Continue Reading

Is Botox the Answer for Your Eye Problems?

Botox is one of the most common and popular aesthetic treatments in America, and for good reason. Best known for its use to reduce and eliminate wrinkles, Botox also plays an important role in resolving health issues ranging from excessive sweating to overactive bladder disorders. If you are experiencing problems with the appearance of your… Continue Reading

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