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Groundbreaking Radiosurgery Replaces Scalpel

eye-laser“Scalpel, please.” The two words that famously define nearly every movie surgery scene. But thanks to technological advances, scalpels are no longer necessary during eyelid surgery. Everything from fixing a droopy eyelid to stopping spasms can now be fixed more efficiently using something called radiosurgery, which uses the power of radiation to replace that scary-looking scalpel.

Radiosurgery: From Cancer to Eyelids

Most people recognize the term “radiation” as the aggressive and unforgiving cancer treatment, but it has also become very valuable in eye procedures because radiation can cut precise areas of tissue from the skin. This eliminates the need for a blade while also minimizing bruising, bleeding and puffiness during and after the procedure. High-frequency radio waves pass from a micro-fine wire to an antenna behind the patient undergoing surgery. When the surgeon touches that wire to the patient’s skin, the contact results in an incredibly precise incision.

Uses of Radiosurgery for the Eyes

Radiosurgery can be used to resolve a wide range of eye problems, from signs of premature aging to genetic irregularities. The gentle yet accurate nature of radiosurgery helps preserve the tissue, muscle, fat, hair and lashes around the eyes that help convey a wide range of emotion and expression, so you can achieve the desired results of your surgery without sacrificing any other aspects of your appearance or vision.

Radiosurgery can correct unwanted bags or excess skin around the upper and lower eyelids, lift drooping eyelids, cut away growths on the eyelids, and even fix eyelid malformations like those that occur when the eyelids turn toward or away from the eyes. All procedures are typically done with local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. Especially with the use of tissue adhesive in place of sutures, eyelid procedures completed with radiosurgery heal in just a few days.

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