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What You Need to Know About Recovery from Radiosurgery

Radiosurgery is the latest technology that is used in eyelid surgeries. With radiosurgery, your doctor will use radiofrequency to make very small and precise incisions. Radiosurgery comes with less bleeding and a faster recovery time, as well as other benefits. Here’s what you need to know about recovery from your radiosurgery for eyelids.

Recovery Time

Your recovery time from radiosurgery will be less than recovery from traditional eyelid surgery. You will be able to use the eye within a couple of days after your surgery, after the swelling begins to decrease. You will have a full recovery and be able to resume normal activity within a week to 10 days. During your recovery, you may want to take time off work and spend time at home until you are able to use the eye without covering or issue. Continue Reading

Advances and Benefits of Radiosurgery

Radiosurgery is the latest surgical technology. It uses radio waves and wire to make extremely precise incisions. Essentially, radiosurgery replaces the scalpel as a more precise tool for surgical incisions in delicate areas such as the eyelids. There have been many advances in radiosurgery in recent years, and it is now a very highly respected… Continue Reading

Groundbreaking Radiosurgery Replaces Scalpel

“Scalpel, please.” The two words that famously define nearly every movie surgery scene. But thanks to technological advances, scalpels are no longer necessary during eyelid surgery. Everything from fixing a droopy eyelid to stopping spasms can now be fixed more efficiently using something called radiosurgery, which uses the power of radiation to replace that scary-looking… Continue Reading

Three Ways Radiosurgery is Changing the Face of Eyelid Surgery

If the thought of a blade or scalpel being used on your eye during surgery makes you shudder, you are definitely not alone! Fortunately, impressive advances have been made in technology, and it is now possible to complete both cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery using radiosurgery instead of a blade. Whether you’re looking to fix… Continue Reading

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