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Juvederm XC is unique to the market in that it uses only hyaluronic acid (a natural substance) to smooth out lines and wrinkles. It’s effective on a range of areas across the face and is particularly suitable for moderate to deep wrinkles around the eye region. The treatment is also a highly regarded dermal filler with full approval from the FDA. Here is some additional information.

What is Juvederm XC?
During the aging process, your skin naturally loses hyaluronic acid, a substance that helps maintain a youthful appearance. This substance is also linked with the production of collagen and elastin, which help boost elasticity in the skin. Juvederm XC uses only hyaluronic acid to smooth out lines and wrinkles. It is an injectable gel tailored to treat moderate to severe wrinkles.

How Does it Work?
Unlike Botox, which freezes dynamic (movable) wrinkles that appear when you laugh or frown, Juvederm XC works by filling out static (non-moving) lines – the permanent wrinkles that remain regardless of your facial expression. The filler is injected into the dermal layer and serves to provide volume under the skin, easing out even deep wrinkles.

How is Juvederm XC Administered?
Juvederm XC is an injectable filler administered directly into the skin by a fine needle. Some people experience mild to moderate discomfort during and after the procedure, but this is generally minimal. Anaesthesia can be administered with a topical cream or subcutaneous injection prior to the administration of dermal filler, if the patient prefers.

Are There Risks Involved?
As with any form of cosmetic treatment, there are minor risks involved – though Juvederm XC is widely regarded as a safe procedure and is fully approved by the FDA. Minor risks include bruising and swelling in the treated area, tenderness, and redness or itching. These are generally only temporary.

How Long Will the Effects Last?
Juvederm XC is one of the longest lasting dermal fillers on the market, and you can expect to enjoy results for as long as a year after your treatment.

When Will it Start to Work?
You will start to notice a difference almost immediately. Note that Juvederm XC is designed to create natural results; consequentially, results may be subtle rather than obvious. Most people do state that they can see a noticeable difference afterward.

Are There Any People for Whom Juvederm XC isn’t Suitable?
As Juvederm XC uses only natural substances, it’s generally considered suitable for anybody. However, if you want to ask a professional before booking an appointment, please call (813)971-3846 today.

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