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Category Archives: Eye Health

Could My Eye Twitching Be Blepharospasm?

Have you ever experienced involuntary movements, or twitching, in the muscles of your eyelids? This can be fairly annoying, but for most people, twitching goes away after just a few minutes, or at most, hours.

But, what if your eyelids twitch for several days or even months at a time?

If your eyelids twitch for more than a few days without stopping, your eye doctor will likely want to examine for blepharospasm, or a spasm of the eyelid muscles. While blepharospasm is rare, it can completely stop sufferers from being able to complete activities of daily living, severely impairing quality of life.

Doctors aren’t sure what exactly causes blepharospasm, but women aged 40-60 and individuals with a family history of blepharospasm seem to be at a higher risk of developing it. Continue Reading

Are Your Sunglasses Up to the Challenge This Summer?

Sunglasses have become popular fashion accessories, often costing hundreds of dollars from designer brands. However, it is important to remember that sunglasses serve an incredibly important purpose by protecting the eyes from the sun. Many people forget that the sun’s UV rays can harm the eyes just like they can harm the skin. Wearing sunglasses… Continue Reading

A Routine Exam Might Save Your Life

There are many things you might think could save your life: an experienced ER surgeon, a fortuitously timed blood test, or reliable brakes on your car, for instance. But what about an eye exam? Most people think of an eye exam as the annual requirement to keep their glasses prescriptions up-to-date, but as one 8-year-old… Continue Reading

How Exactly Does the Eye Function?

The human eye can seem like quite a mystery. For such a small part of the body, it accomplishes an incredible task. But how? Vision cannot occur without light. When light reflects off an object, it enters the eye through the cornea, which is the transparent outer covering of the eye. All of the rays… Continue Reading

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