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Eyelid Tumors: What to Look for and When to See a Doctor

One of the ways that skin cancer can show itself is through eyelid tumors. The eyelid, after all, is skin. Eyelid tumors are not always painful or problematic, but they should always be evaluated. If you are found to have eyelid tumors, a biopsy will confirm or deny if it is skin cancer. In either case, removal of the tumors is usually preferable and/or necessary. It is important to know the signs of eyelid tumors and when to see a doctor.

Elevations or Nodules

The primary sign of an eyelid tumor is elevations or nodules on the eyelid. In most cases, the tumors will be on the lower lid, but they can occur anywhere in the eyelid or brow region. If on the lower eyelid, it may at first resemble a painless sty. There may or may not be discomfort with the elevation or nodule, but in most cases they are painless and symptom-free. You may notice that eyelashes are no longer growing in the area of the tumor.

Ulcerations and Bleeding

In some cases, the eyelid tumor may have ulcerations that cause bleeding and discomfort. There may also be crusting of the eye, or a distortion of the normal skin structure. These symptoms of eyelid tumors indicate that the tumor is advanced and prone to infection. You will need to see a doctor immediately for examination and a potential biopsy if you notice these symptoms. Continue Reading

The Real Threat of Eyelid Cancer

Do you give your eyelids enough attention? They’re always working to help keep your eyes moisturized and protected, but they’re all too easy to take for granted. Since skin cancer can impact your eyelids just as much as the skin on your face, hands, arms, and back, it’s critical that you take precautionary measures to… Continue Reading

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