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The Surgical Solution to Dry Eye Syndrome

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Dry eyes can be incredibly painful, especially if the condition is chronic and difficult to resolve with standard eye drops. Fortunately, there is a surgical solution now widely available to help people with extreme dry eyes finally experience relief.

More About Dry Eyes

The eye is designed to stay healthy by staying moist. This is why you blink so much, so that the eyelid can spread tears over the eyeball and keep it lubricated. It’s the lacrimal gland, located under the outer one-third of the upper eyelid, that is responsible for making the tears that lubricate the eyeball. When that lacrimal gland can’t produce tears efficiently, the eyelid can’t adequately moisten the surface of the eyeball, and the eye begins to burn, sting, and even feel like it has sand in it. This is considered a dry eye.

Dry eyes can occur sporadically, like if you have been staring at a screen for a long time or riding a bike or swimming all day, but some people have chronic dry eye syndrome that causes severe discomfort. Artificial tears and lubricating ointments are available to ease the symptoms of dry eye, but they don’t solve the problem of the malfunctioning lacrimal gland.

Surgery: A Permanent Solution

Lacrimal surgery, also known as tear duct surgery, aims to solve dry eye syndrome by reducing or preventing tears from being drained down into the nose area. This surgery helps patients retain more of their own natural tears so that dry eye discomfort can be solved without any eye drops.

This surgery is accomplished by placing temporary plugs into the tear ducts. The plugs are made of silicone, and can be removed if the procedure doesn’t have a positive effect on the eye. If the plugs prove to be a success, it’s possible to replace them with a more permanent solution for long term care.

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